Software development and consulting  

SeaGIS offers commercial software development services, specialising in algorithm development and mathematical problem solving in:

  • Machine vision,
  • Vision metrology,
  • Image processing,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Photogrammetry and Geomatics.

We have extensive experience developing direct-to-disk video image aquisition systems for photogrammetric measurement, using LVDS, CameraLink and GigE cameras.

SeaGIS will customise or add proprietary components to its existing software packages.

SeaGIS can also supply consultant GIS and mapping services for a variety of applications. These services include:

  • Customised digital map production for reports and other documents (in PDF or JPG format),
  • Spatial data analysis,
  • Aerial photograph interpretation, and
  • Digitising from aerial photographs and other raster images to create vector datasets.


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