Software overview  

SeaGIS sells and supports the following software products.

CAL is photogrammetric camera calibration and bundle adjustment software, used for calibration of 3D vision measurement systems, and high precision photogrammetric measurement. Calibrations from the CAL software are used to enable 3D measurement in EventMeasure (Stereo), PhotoMeasure, and StereoLib.

EventMeasure is software for logging and archiving events occuring in digital imagery, and for generating and reporting various statistics (MaxN, cumulative MaxN). It is typically used for analysing fish surveys using either stationary (baited or unbaited), or transect imagery, but it is also used in a variety of biological and ecological applications. EventMeasure (Stereo) provides an all-in-one package for event logging and 3D measurement. EventMeasure (Stereo) requires calibration results from CAL to allow 3D measurement.

  • Download a flyer to see how CAL and EventMeasure (Stereo) integrate to provide a complete software suite for 3D stereo measurement in visual sampling of fish populations.

PhotoMeasure is photogrammetric measurement software which uses the calibration results from CAL to allow 3D measurement from digital imagery. It is mainly used in customised 3D measurement applications, and for volume and surface area measurement. Historically, PhotoMeasure was used for stereo measurement in fish surveys, but it has been superseded by EventMeasure (Stereo) in such applications.

StereoLib is a C++/MFC extension dll that provides photogrammetric measurement functionality and allows developers to incorporate photogrammetric measurement into their own interfaces. The library provides a C++ and C interface allowing it to be used in Visual Basic and C# (.NET) applications. StereoLib requires calibration results from CAL.

TransectMeasure is software to aid in the analysis of transects or biological sampling from images using random or pre-defined dot patterns. TransectMeasure supports calibration and scaled measurement of length and area from single images.

The following table summarises the differences between measurement with single and stereo camera systems:


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