EventMeasure - Event logging & 3D measurement  

EventMeasure is a program used for logging and reporting events occurring in digital imagery. It is specifically designed to allow fast, efficient analysis of movie sequences, and particularly for recording biological information and animal behaviour in underwater movie sequences.  The program supports a variety of still and movie image formats, and events are recorded by overlaying dot points on imagery and assigning attributes to those points. EventMeasure dynamically analyses recorded events and reports max N statistics (both by species and stage).

The software allows the user to load predefined files of attributes and to edit and automatically add to attribute files as imagery is analysed.  EventMeasure supports a user-definable file for family, genus, species and code information (generally CAAB codes are used in Australian applications).  In addition to the attributes that can be assigned to dot points, EventMeasure has 12 user configurable information fields. These information fields are usually set up to record general survey information (depth, location, observer details, etc). All attribute information can be exported to text files suitable for importing to spreadsheet or database software for further analysis. EventMeasure incorporates a movie player with fast forward playback and stepping functions to provide efficient analysis of movie footage.

EventMeasure allows the capture of reference images in either still or movie format, with the identified individual highlighted by a dot.  The software has a built in viewer that allows reference images to be recalled and viewed.

EventMeasure screen capture

EventMeasure incorporates an optional stereo measurement component, EventMeasure (Stereo). Stereo measurement allows measurement of 3D position relative to the camera system along with 3D length measurement, including the range and pose of the measured object.

Download EventMeasure (Stereo) flyer

Note that EventMeasure (Stereo) replaces the historic need for PhotoMeasure to perform 3D measurements in fish applications. Existing EventMeasure and PhotoMeasure licences can be upgraded to EventMeasure (Stereo). Contact SeaGIS for details.

EventMeasure (Stereo) screen capture

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