Using old Windows versions (prior to Windows 10), DLL errors

SeaGIS software requires a minimum version of Windows 7.

If you install the software on a Windows version less than 10, you might need to install an additional package of library files to make the software work (the library files are typically part of Windows 10 by default). Depending on what other software you have installed, the library files might already be present.

You should first download and install the SeaGIS software packages you want to use. Then try and run the software package. If the software runs you don't need to do anything else. Note that the software is running properly if you get a message 'Error with software licence' (this is a problem with the software licence, not a problem with library files).

If you get error messages about a missing dll or a missing library, you will need to download and install the missing library files (the library files are part of the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package). There are links below. If you are using a 32 bit version of SeaGIS software you need to download and install the 32 bit package; for 64 bit SeaGIS software download and install the 64 bit package; and if you are using both 32 and 64 bit SeaGIS software, download and install both.

32 bit Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (for 32 bit SeaGIS software).

64 bit Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable (for 64 bit SeaGIS software).