CAL - Stereo Camera Calibration

The CAL software package provides a general photogrammetric bundle adjustment allowing multiple cameras/camera stations and user-configurable datum constraints. Whilst providing generic bundle adjustment functionality, the package is tailored specifically for providing a streamlined calibration tool for stereo camera systems. Towards this end, the bundle adjustment incorporates an optional stereo constraint, and can seamlessly calibrate from either still format or movie imagery.

CAL implements an internally constrained photogrammetric bundle adjustment (where camera parameters, camera positions and orientations, and object space target coordinates are simultaneously determined). Using CAL in conjunction with an appropriately sized 3D calibration cube and including camera roll (rotation) in the calibration strategy provides a more robust calibration than 2D checker board approaches. The robustness manifests as more accurate 3D measurements, particularly at increasing measurement ranges.

Calibration results from the CAL software package are required to enable stereo measurement in EventMeasure (Stereo) and StereoLib.

SeaGIS also supply custom-made underwater calibration hardware and camera systems. Design and construction of camera systems that stay in calibration is as important as the calibration itself.

CAL screen capture