SeaGIS supplies a variety of hardware relating to underwater 3D calibration and measurement.

Calibration hardware
A calibration hardware package consists of a calibration cube (used with the CAL software package to calibrate camera systems), a distance bar (used to independently check calibration results), and shipping case. The calibration cube collapses for transport. For typical applications the standard calibration cube is 1000x1000x500mm when assembled. For close-range applications a 500x500x300mm option is avaliable.

SeaGIS can supply custom-built calibration hardware packages.

Calibration cube (large)
Calibration cubes (small and large)

Camera housings and camera systems
SeaGIS supplies custom-built camera housings designed specifically for use in stereo measurement applications. The housings incorporate design features that help maintain stereo camera calibration.

SeaGIS supplies galvanised or stainless steel stereo camera frames suitable for remote baited stereo video deployments (typically for use in fish surveys). Frames come with a break-away leg system, tilt adjustable camera pointing and removable ballast.

Single camera frame for remote deployment
Stereo camera frame for remote deployment

Camera housings can be integrated into neutrally buoyant swimmable stereo camera systems. The camera configuration is customised to suit your specific measurement application - small or large scale. This type of camera system can be used for transect surveys of fish or benthos, or for detailed fine-scale measurement of individuals.

Collapsible stereo camera systems with transport cases are available.

'Mini' swimmable stereo camera system for close range measurement (GoPro cameras)
Collapsible, swimmable stereo camera system (GoPro cameras, available with transport case)
Swimmable stereo camera system (larger consumer cameras)
Collapsible, swimmable stereo camera system (larger consumer cameras)